Lucky You Gliders

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Joeys For Sale

Available sugar glider joeys and adoption info


All of my joeys are born and raised in my home. They are handled everyday with much care to ensure their tameness once they arrive in their new home. All my joeys are fed the HPW diet. My joeys will only go to the most suitable home. I require all buyers to have done extensive research before considering buying a sugar glider. You will also be asked to fill out a questionnaire . My gliders are not disposable and will only go to FOREVER homes.



If you wish to purchase a joey from Lucky You Gliders, you must first fill out a my questionnaire. Once the questionnaire has been completed I will send you additional information. If you have any questions please email me at [email protected] I expect detailed answers to each question. I would like to know which staple diet you plan to feed, not "whatever the breeder thinks". I expect you to have picked out a safe and suitable cage, safe wheel, safe toys, etc. I expect you to know at the very least, the information that is provided for you right here on my website. So please, ready my website first. These are my babies, I care about each and every one of them and only want them to go to homes that will provide them the very best care. I know my adoption process seems strict but it's only because I care. These are exotic animals and are not suitable for all families.


Lucky You Gliders is relocating from Quincy, Il to O’Fallon, Mo is just a few shorts weeks. Our goal is to find homes for our available gliders before the move to reduce their stress. I have reduced their prices in order to find them good homes as soon as possible. All joeys are fully lineaged and handled regularly.

-50% deposit is required to hold your joey but I do offer payment plans on the remaining balance.
-Free neutering is available on pet only males
-Shipping is available via United for $150

Please fill out my questionnaire if you are interested in a joey:

CUPID $500- WF Mosaic 66% creamino het male out of Secksi & Geronimo, OOP 2/14/18 PICTURES:

CHUCKIE $450- Mosaic 25% leu het male out of Betsy & Regal, OOP 8/8/17. PICTURES:

TOMMIE $450- BFBB mosaic male out of Panda & Pandora, OOP 7/17/17. PICTURES:

PHIL $450- Mosaic 100% creamino het male out of Idun & Bragi, OOP 7/15/17. PICTURES:

DILL $400: BFBB male out of Panda & Pandora, OOP 7/17/17. PICTURES:

MAJESTIC $400- BFBB Mosaic female, OOP 4/22/15. Majestic is a gorgeous and sweet girl that just doesn’t want to be a momma. She pulls her joeys so she needs to go to a pet only home. PICTURES:

MARCELLUS $200- Black Beauty male out of Archie & Angel, OOP 3/30/15. He is a great breeder, he just needs a new woman or he can also be neutered as pet only. PICTURES:

DIVINE & RYDAR $450- Pet only Leucistic & Platinum pair. This gorgeous pairing is retiring from breeding and looking for the perfect home to spend the rest of their years together. Divine is 4 ½ years old and Rydar is 6 ½ years old. Rydar has been neutered.  


All deposits are NON-refundable. A 50% deposit is required to hold a joey until it is ready to go to it's new home. If at any time, for any reason, a buyer backs out of a sale, 50% of the cost of the joey will be forfeited. The buyer will also be charged a fee of $10 per week, per glider for the amount of time after 8 weeks OOP that the joey was held for the buyer.



Joeys must be paid in full at the time of pick up or at least 1 week prior to shipping. I do accept Paypal and money orders. Paypal is preferred for the deposit. Paypal fees may be added to joeys being paid in full through Paypal. Paypal charges 30 cents per transaction and 3% of the total.



If you are unable to pick up your joey in a substantial time frame, a holding fee may be charged. The charge will be $10 per week for each week that you are unable to either pay your joey off or come to pick it up. This fee also applies is you choose to repeatedly reschedule shipping. This fee is non refundable.



$150- Shipping within the U.S. to a U.S. resident via United Airlines

$200- Shipping within the U.S. to a Canadian resident via United Airlines ($20 for each additional glider needing a health certificate)

$250- Shipping into Canada to a Canadian resident via United Airlines  ($20 for each additional glider needing a health certificate)

Shipping is available through United Airlines. I either ship out of St. Louis, Mo or Springfield, IL. Joeys will be shipped once they are fully weaned and 10 weeks OOP. I may choose to ship them as early as 8 weeks OOP or later than 10 weeks OOP depending on how well they are adjusting. I try to ship out on a scheduled shipping day each month. That scheduled day is tentative, it may change depending on weather or other priorities that may come up in my life. If my shipping day does not work for you then I will work with you to find a day that works out well for the both of us.  Feel free to email me if you have any further questions on my shipping process.

*Shipping dates can not be guaranteed. Shipping depends on the weather and availability of the flights. If the weather is predicted to be too hot, too cold, or bad weather then I will reschedule. Safety of our babies is #1 priority.



Depending on how far away we are from each other, I may be willing to meet part way to deliver a joey for a gas fee.



I've recently changed my policy to not allow customers to my home. This policy is to ensure the safety of my family since I operate out of my family home. I'm more than willing to share pics and videos of joeys and I do have an album of my cage set ups as well. Over the years there have just been too many instances of people harassing breeders and showing up at their homes unannounced. Please message me if you have any issues with this policy.



Once you bring a new joey home it is your responsibility to get a health check done. I recommend getting a health check done within 1-2 weeks of bringing your new joey home. The stress of a new home can cause an increase in normal bacteria which may need treatment. This is not something that happens often but it is something to watch for when you bring a new glider home. Stress can also cause the glider to have what we call stress poop which makes their poop smellier and softer than normal. This usually only lasts a few days but if it persists then you should have a fecal ran during the health check to be sure it's not an increase is bacteria causing the issue.