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Welcome to Lucky You Gliders!

Welcome to Lucky You Gliders! Lucky You Gliders is a home based business ran by Lynsie Burgtorf out of OFallon, MO. I have owned sugar gliders since 2002, started breeding in 2003 and began vending shortly after that. I focus my breeding on lineaged, healthy, sugar glider joeys of all colors. I have many pairs set up to produce colors such as Black Face Black Beauty, Creamino, Albino, Platinum, Leucistic, White Face, Grey, Red, and all variations of Mosaics.

My custom sugar glider toys have transformed many times over the years. We are always working on improving our products to not only suit the sugar glider but also our customers. Our current line of toys are all plastic based for easy cleaning. They are all custom made so that I am able to match them to any cage set or theme you wish. I try to make sure that each of my toys serves as least one purpose that will enrich the gliders lives. We hope to continue to expand our line of sugar glider accessories. 

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