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Which joey/s are you interested in?*

Why are you interested in purchasing a sugar glider?*

Gliders are colony animals and should never be kept alone. Do you plan on purchasing more than 1 glider from me? Purchasing another glider from a different breeder? Or already own a glider that needs a friend?*

Do you currently own suger gliders? If yes, how many do you own? What sex's, neutered, lineaged, etc?*

What diet would you provide for them? Describe in full detail.*

What type of cage will you provide for them? Size, type, etc? Describe in full detail.*

What accessories will you provide for them? What type of wheel, toys, sleeping places, etc? Describe in full detail.*

Do you plan on breeding? If so, do the gliders you plan to breed have full lineage? And please tell me what experience you have that makes you feel as though you are ready to breed sugar gliders.*

If buying a male, do you plan on having him neutered?*

Do you have a local vet that cares for sugar gliders?*

Are you 18 years old or older?*

Are you available for local pick up in OFallon, MO? If not please check out our Events page to see if we are doing any shows more local to you.*

Have you read the policies outlined on my Joeys For Sale page?*

A NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required to hold a joey. If you back out for any reason, this deposit will not be refunded.*

Do you agree that you are purchasing this glider as a forever pet to your family, not for resell? *

Do you agree to contact Lucky You Gliders first if at any time you need to rehome your glider?

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