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Welcome to Lucky You Gliders store!

I am an approved veteran vendor in the glider community and I own and breed sugar glider myself so your glider's safety is our #1 priority. I've owned sugar gliders since 2003 and started creating toys for them shortly after that. At that time there wasn't many toys specifically made for gliders that met their needs. Over the years I have tweaked my toys many times over to make sure that they will pique your glider's interest and stimulate their minds. Some toys have cups to hide treats in, these are considered a foraging toy. Some toys have rings that they can pull off and carry back to their pouch, these are considered reset toys. Some toys have the rings attached to a chain that can move back and forth, they will also try to take these rings back to their pouch, these are considered pulley toys. Then I have toys that just have lots of dangles and pretty parts, these stimulate them to touch, chew, and explore the different parts, these are considered enrichment toys. All these behaviors simulate how they would act in the wild, from foraging for food, making a nest, and exploring new things.

Strung Over Creations is our sister site. My husband started out with pet themed string art and the hobby kind of spiraled from there. We now offer a huge variety of string art, tumblers, plaques, ornaments, keychains, and so much more. Most of our stuff is pet themed but we can customize all of our items with anything you would like. We are still working on getting everything added to the website so be sure to check out the Facebook page for some of our unique creations.

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